What is ITC?
ITC is a new and definite idea of a wallet-card system that is a combination of the Virtual Wallet and UnionPay debit card.
The service is utilized for various purposes, and it is so useful that you can customize it with your own lifestyle.
Privilege 1. You can use ITC card at every UnionPay merchant store around the world.
Privilege 2. You can withdraw cash in a local currency at any UnionPay / PLUS ATMs around the world.

How To Create ITC Card?
First, please create your ITC My Wallet Account.
As long as you have enough funds in your My Wallet account, anyone can have ITC UnionPay Card.
To issue the card, you are required to upload an ID and documents that can confirm your current address.

How To Use ITC Card?
In order to use it, you need to transfer funds from My Wallet account to your ITC UnionPay Card.
The card limit is the money that you have transferred (with fees). You cannot use the ITC card without any funds transferred to the card, even if an amount exists in you’re My Wallet.

Am I eligible to open an account?
You simply need to be aged 18 years or over.
You must provide current, unexpired evidence of identity before we can process the application.

Web Accessibility
You can also simply use smartphones (iPhone or Android) or tablets to log into your account.

Can I apply ITC Card while overseas?
Yes, you can apply ITC Card while you are overseas.
However, you must submit passport copy or government-issued Photo ID from the country in which you live.